DOG AND ROOSTER LAUNCHES Doughnation Mobile Application

DOG AND ROOSTER LAUNCHES Doughnation Mobile Application
  • April 20, 2018
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San Diego, CA – DoughNation is a web app that connects dedicated service professionals and small-scale fundraisers with individuals looking to show their appreciation through a small cashless transaction without having to exchange personally identifiable information or credit card details.

To begin receiving tips and donations sign up here.DoughNation is a proudly owned and operated Veteran's business.

Key Functions: 


User signs up for an account to create their unique personal payment page. Your account page contains digital and printable versions of a QR and DoughNation code to be easily displayed.

Tipper Scans

Tippers/Gifters scan QR code or manually enters DoughNation code which links to payment page. Tipper/Gifter selects the amount to send and pays via their digital wallet or credit card.

Receive Tip

Money received is automatically paid into users bank account once cleared from the credit card company. *

To learn more about Doughnation and see the new website, visit  or download at now.