Is My Website User Friendly?

by Marketing Department
Is My Website User Friendly?
  • November 07, 2014
  • Internet Marketing

Have you taken the time to truly stop and look at your company’s website?

If the answer is yes, what’s your opinion of it? Good, average, perhaps even bad?

With more and more consumers going online these days to browse for and buy goods and services, your website design truly does matter in 2014 and beyond. As various reports have shown, consumers don’t want to waste their time with business websites that are slow to load, hard to navigate around, and ultimately prove not worth their time and effort.
In today’s business world, online shoppers want efficiency, clean navigation, and flat out speed with which to move with.

Review Your Site From Time to Time

In order to meet the demands and expectations of consumers coming to your website, make sure you are doing at least these simple tasks:

1. Providing worthwhile content – Having fresh and relevant content on your website is important for a number of reasons.

Along with providing your readers with informative and updated material, your search engine optimization (SEO) needs are also critical. Good SEO allows your site to move up in the search engine rankings, putting you in position to be hit more often than not when people are searching for leaders in your respective industry.

The content should give your readers the desire to want to learn more about you and your brand;

2. Smooth navigation – Especially in today’s mobile world, it is important that visitors to your site avoid navigational issues. If your site loads slowly, crashes often or proves challenging when visitors are trying to locate things, there is a good chance they will not be back. Lessen the chances of that happening by testing the site’s navigational capabilities. And of course, check to make sure your site appears correctly on mobile devices. If you’re finding the speed to be slow, information hard to find, broken links and more, fix them today, not tomorrow;

3. Can visitors contact you? – You would think something as simple as a contact page would be rather hard to mess up. Think again. One pet peeve that many consumers find with websites is being forced to dig for contact information. Whether they want to ask a question of a specific department or reach out to a particular management head, being able to do it easily wins over many consumers. If they have to spend an unlimited amount of time searching for such features, you may not get them back.

Place your contact information where it is easy to find and easy to use. Create a form with the normal information (name, email info, phone number etc.) and also what their need and/or department is;

4. Visual design – Lastly, how visually appealing is your company site? From images on your site to something as simple as the site’s color scheme, don’t take for granted the importance here. If your site is mostly filled with copy and little imagery, most visitors will click off the site in record time. Try and make the images as positive as possible, meaning a happy person or object as opposed to something giving off negative vibes. The site’s colors should also be warm and inviting, not hard on the eyes and bland.

These are just a handful of the various tasks you need to review and check off when looking at your website. Remember, the friendlier it is the better your chances of landing and keeping new business. If you would like us to give your website an audit, please contact us at 858.677.9931 or fill out our contact form.