Next2Eden Com Adds Video Marketing

by Angela Melfi
Next2Eden Com Adds Video Marketing
  • May 03, 2010
  • Website Development, Website Applications, Chrome Hearts Sale one of the premier information centers on the web for articles on wellness, recently launched their video page. The use of video allows Next2eden to compliment their already extensive article database with step-bystep instruction via YouTube video links. Users can now watch wellness related videos straight from Next2eden’s site.

One of the great features of the video gallery, Chrome Hearts Online is that Next2eden can manage the videos easily through their content management system, designed by Dog and Rooster, Inc. The administrator merely types in the title, description, and link of the wellness video and, voila, the video and related information flows automatically to the gallery page.

The page is such a success that Next2eden plans to make the video uploading available for each article in their vast information center. Readers will happily be able to read, watch, and click away to health and wellness! Thank you Next2eden for allowing Dog and Rooster, Inc. to work with you and forward the cause of personal and ecological wellness...