What kind of mobile app do you need to build?

by Dog and Rooster, Inc.
What kind of mobile app do you need to build?
  • June 27, 2013
  • Mobile App

Building a new mobile application is exciting. You came up with a brilliant mobile app business idea, you created your scope of functionality, found investors to jump on board, and now you need a developer. You meet a few developers and the proposals seem wildly different in price. How can this be?

You need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples in your search and finding the platform that works for your goals. Here is a run down of the different approaches available for creating a web application.

Native Mobile Applications

A native mobile application means we use the code of the mobile platform, meaning the code we use talks directly to your mobile code. We can maximize integration and access all the functions of your device. This is also the most costly option and is device specific.


  • Fast performance, best look & feel
  • Best, most flexible usability
  • Most reliable, with technological maturity
  • More possibilities for complex applications
  • Distribution over app stores
  • App found faster
  • Offline Support: more security, less roaming costs
  • Not need to worry about browser compatibility
  • Access to device files
  • Push notifications
  • Highly specific skill set, so limited amount of qualified developers
  • Production time longer

Mobile Web Applications

Mobile web application development uses web coding such as HTML5 and PHP. Your web applications built to display in mobile device. If you have a website with web applications already, we can easily integrate those apps/databases into a mobile application design. Your website and mobile application all talk to the same web database.


  • Installation and updates in real time over website
  • No app store registration is necessary
  • All users have the same version of the app
  • Support for a wider variety of platforms and devices
  • Less work/cost to develop app for different devices/easier to maintain
  • More control over distribution of subscriptions (payments) and site advertisement
  • More developers available
  • Fast production of simple applications
  • Conversion desktop apps

Hybrid Mobile/Web Applications

A hybrid uses both native device code and web application code to create a custom made mobile app that takes advantage of the best of both worlds. PhoneGap is a typical API communicator used between device features and your web based code.


  • Support for more platforms/for a wide variety of devices
  • Less work/cost need on apps for different devices
  • Access to a limited amount of the device’s native features (PhoneGap provides API to access more native features)
  • Distribution over app stores (through native container)
  • App found faster
  • More developers available
  • Offline Support: more security, less roaming costs
  • Faster production time
  • Desktop app conversion